Research Team


Kathleen M. Cienkowski, Ph.D.  

Dr. Cienkowski is an associate professor of and program director of Audiology in SLHS. She is also the UCONN LEND Audiology Discipline Coordinator. She studies comprehensive aural rehabilitation (AR) for individuals with acquired hearing loss with an emphasis on care across the lifespan.  She currently is investigating factors underlying successful hearing device use including the impact of health literacy and patient centered care.

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Research Associate

Brittney Carlson, Au.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Carlson is a research associate in the Aural Rehabilitation Laboratory and Director of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Elms College.  Her research interests include aural rehabilitation, the impact of dual sensory impairment, and the investigation of outcome measures for amplification.


Research Associate

Kristin Dilaj, Au.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Dilaj is an associate researcher in the Aural Rehabilitation Laboratory and the Director of the New England Center for Hearing Rehabilitation.  Her research interests include early hearing detection and intervention, programming strategies and outcome measures for patients with cochlear implants, and enhancing listening environments through FM use.

Jackie DiFrancesco, Au.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Di Francesco is is a research associate in the Aural Rehabilitation Laboratory. She is also a research audiologist at Michael & Associate in State College, PA. Her research interests include optimizing hearing protection for workers with hearing loss.


tree diagram with the roots including auditory training, counseling, environmental modifications, communication strats, visual cues, and hearing devices with the Aural Rehabilitation Lab University of Connecticut, and Living well with hearing loss in the leaves

Torri Ann Woodruff, Ph.D.

Dr. Woodruff-Gautherin is a research associate in the Aural Rehabilitation Laboratory. She is also an assistant professor in residence at the Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities at UConn Health. Passionate about bolstering the voices of stakeholders, Torri Ann implements qualitative methods to highlight the power and value of individual voices in making change.


Dr. Mike Kurth

Dr. Alison Marinelli 

Dr. Shannon Wannagot O’Laughlin

Dr. Mary Kate Bisaillon

Dr. Noelle Delorme

Dr. Casie Guerera

Dr. Kelli Warner

Dr. Dooho Kim

Dr. Laura Mainelli


Dr. Elizabeth Ritchie 

Dr. Margaret Dunlap

Dr. Bethany Goddiess

Dr. Julianne Ceruti

Dr. Jennifer Gonzalez

Dr. Jessica Goldberg

Dr. Heather Haverset

Dr. Jenna Hubbard

Dr. Alicia O’Sullivan

Dr. Krista Fitzgerald



Dr. Meredith Duffy

Dr. Susan Kelleher

Dr. Diane Robinson

Dr. Zelda Schieffler

Dr. Beth Kennedy

Dr. Erica Nair

Dr. Lisa Bizzarro

Dr. TeeMarie Ballingham

Dr. Aisling Meier

Dr. Libby Willis

 Pediatric Audiology LEND Fellows
Dr. Olivia Dewald

Dr. Casey Turovac

Dr. Julia Garrick

Dr. Shannon O’Laughlin 

Dr. Michael Figueiredo Jr


Dr. Natalie Silva

Dr. Adam Zhitomi

Dr. Maura Beggin

Dr. Kevin Sardy

Dr. Melissa Karp

  Tayla Duntz

Alexis Olson

Maggie Brown

Kimberley Hook